Pro-Mow Provides Mulching

Creating an attractive garden or landscape often requires more than lawn mowing. Proper garden and landscape care requires something extra to give your yard a much needed boost. That is why Pro-Mow recommends mulching for homeowners (and businesses) looking to complete their beautiful yard.

We Mulch for You

We’ll remove the weeds, leaves, and debris that have gathered over the course of the season before we lay the mulch. We’ll also redefine your edges to ensure that your garden bed or landscape is ready for our mulching service. Once we begin the mulching, we’ll install 2½ inches of double shredded hardwood mulch – perfect for giving your mulch bed the nutrients and protection it deserves. Finally, we’ll follow that up with our weed care system, spraying the new mulch with pre-weed control to help keep it safe and protected. Pro-Mow can supply you with your complete mulching needs.

Mulching Gets Better

Sometimes you need more than just your grass professionally cut – and that is why Pro-Mow provides you with options! We at Pro-Mow are dedicated to your satisfaction. After mulching, and if your lawn is on our Weekly Mowing service or Premium Care Maintenance Program, Pro-Mow will continue to keep your mulch beds weed-free for the entire growing season. Pro-Mow is dedicated to providing you with quality, reliable lawn care and mulching services, and we are happy to offer these service options to our loyal customers.

Let Pro-Mow Fill Your Mulching Service Needs

Pro-Mow continues to be Virginia’s mulching and lawn care experts with over 15 years of lawn care experience. We have the knowledge and tools you need to create the best lawn in the neighborhood, combined with our outstanding customer service and educated, friendly staff. Let us be the company you turn to for your mulching needs. Discover how Pro-Mow can help you create the perfect lawn.

Call Pro-Mow today to sign up for mulching! Call us at 703-957-4880