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Welcome to Pro-Mow Lawn Care

The Secret to Great Looking Lawns

If you could wave a magic wand, what would you want your lawn to look like? Would you want it to look lush and green? Would you wish to have the prettiest landscaping on the block? Would you hope for a lawn that would make your home look like a showpiece?

Pro-Mow Lawn Care can grant all of these wishes and more.

When you choose Pro-Mow Lawn Care, you don’t need a magic wand. You just need our experts on site, handling all of your lawn care needs.

Personalized Lawn Care Service in Virginia

Lawns are like snowflakes. Each one is unique, which is why each one requires a different approach. Most companies take a one size fits all approach to lawn maintenance, which is why they have dissatisfied customers. Pro-Mow Lawn Care inspects and analyzes each lawn before we create a lawn maintenance plan. When you choose our lawn care company, you know you will be getting the type of personalized service that is best for your lawn-and your wallet.

Lawn Development and Lawn Maintenance

We are one of the few lawn service companies that will be with you for the long run. Whether you need to develop your lawn, or you want to maintain the lush beauty of a green yard, we have the tools you need. From year round fertilization plans to maintenance, we will keep your lawn looking great from one month to the next.

Pro-Mow Lawn - Not Your Standard Lawn Care Company

While other companies just mow and edge, we provide our clients with everything they need for a beautiful lawn. From seeding to cleaning out the gutters, we offer the full solution.

You may not have a magic wand, but you don’t need one. You just need Pro-Mow Lawn Care. We are the magic wand and the solution, rolled into one. Contact us today to find out how we can give you the lawn you have always wanted, at a price you can afford.